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Editor: Janine Hansen
July 2017, In the Year of Our Lord                    
Volume 43, Number 5 & 6 Double Issue

Final Legislative Report 2017

     The Legislature did not turn out to be as devastating as it might have been, thanks to the hard work of many, and divine intervention. There were over 1,112 bills and resolutions introduced. I have reported only on the majority of bills that we followed. There were so many bills we followed there may be some minor mistakes in this report. If you felt like you got a lot of Email Alerts you did!  You can see why when you read the report. It was the most difficult and most intense Legislative Session I have ever experienced. Every day I thought it couldn’t get worse, but the next day it was worse! Unless otherwise noted all Democrats voted for the bills. Thanks to all who participated, by emailing, posting on the Legislative opinion, calling, testifying and especially for your financial support which made it possible for me to be thereYou made all the difference!!!

 Perhaps Our Greatest Victory!

     The threat to our Constitution has never been greater. The forces of the welfare state, immorality, and corruption pervade our local, state, federal government and nation regardless of political party. George Soros, John Paul Stevens former Supreme Court Justice, Wolf Pac and Move to Amend among others on the Left are working for an Article V Constitutional Convention to repeal Citizens United and possibly the Second Amendment.  The Koch Brothers through the American Legislative Exchange Council and BBB4USA, the Convention of States, Mark Levin and other prominent conservatives are working for an Article V Constitutional Convention on the Right. Can you imagine the political forces and ensuing chaos that would be in play if the greatest political event since our founding, an Article V Constitutional Convention, were ever to take place?

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