If you were not able to go to the grocery store for 2 months how would you fare?

By Janine Hansen, Update September 2017


A few years ago, because of an acute financial crisis beyond my control, I did not have the money to go to the grocery store for over 2 months. I have reflected repeatedly on that very valuable experience.  I have been “preparing” for at least 30 years. Because of that, when crisis struck, we had everything we needed for those two months. It was also a blessing that it was in the Autumn because I had fresh vegetables…tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and carrots to eat from my garden. 


If you were not able to go to the grocery store for 2 months how would you fare?


·         Would you have enough food in your freezer and on your shelves of the food you regularly eat to get by comfortably for 2-3 months?  Or would you be reduced to eating plain rice and beans? Or nothing?


·         Would you run out of toilet paper, toothpaste, dental floss, bar soap, shampoo, razors, dish soap, detergent, lotion, sanitary supplies, or make-up?


·         Would you have the prescription medications you need or the over-the-counter allergy and pain relievers to make life more comfortable? What about band aids and other first aid items?


·         Would your pets have something to eat? 


·         At my house, if the power goes out, I am instantly without water.  Each person should store 1-2 gallons of water per person per day, enough for at least 14 days and have water filtration items for a longer period of time. Don’t forget your pets.


We live in perilous times.  Our leaders of both political parties are corrupt.  The people themselves are morally corrupt. The blessings of heaven which have so blessed America in the past have been withdrawn.


We have unprecedented weather which will lead not only to higher food prices and shortages, but could lead to famine (even in America). 


Our economy is on life support, infused monthly with multi-billions of printing press dollars from the Private Federal Reserve Bank. The fact is, the United States has far more debt than “bankrupt” Greece.  With unfunded Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Pensions our Federal debt is not $20 Trillion but $230 Trillion.  An economic reckoning is at our doors.


Food inflation is at an all time high estimated between 19%-22%.  The price of food is rapidly outpacing our paychecks.  The average price of ground beef is now over $4.00 a pound. In 2007 the price was $2.19. 


If you think about it, you know in your heart that things have changed…no president can save America from financial and moral bankruptcy.  The people themselves must change and repent.


“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

KJV 2 Chronicles 7: 14


If we are willing to learn from history we will recognize many responsible reasons to have at least 3 months of food storage and supplies on hand, and if we are wise we will have more long term storage. If you have homeowners or car insurance…having food and supplies is no different…it is like insurance.


During the 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic, it took about 3 months for the deadly flu to move through a community.  How long did it take for things to return to relative normal after hurricane Katrina? How long will recovery take in Houston, Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico where emergency supplies still can’t reach the people who need them?


When they closed the Banks during the Great Depression…many of them never opened again. Have some emergency cash in your home in case of a bank holiday. During the financial crisis in Greece, the people were limited to 430 Euros (458.57 US) a week they could withdraw from their banks for over a year.


How do you calculate what you need?  First of all pray about it. The Lord knows the answer.


Then make a list of everything you use every day: TP, soap, toothpaste, etc. Then calculate how much you need for a week…a month…3 months…


Make a list of meals that you could make from items in your freezer and on your shelves. For instance:  Spaghetti:  hamburger, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, mushrooms, onions (I use dehydrated which I buy in number 10 cans), Italian spices, garlic, spaghetti noodles, etc.  Now multiply each by 12. That will give you one meal a week for 3 months. 


Do the same for another meal until you have 7 dinner meals.  You can soon see how much you have and how much you need.   Then figure simple breakfasts and lunches the same way, oatmeal, canned or powdered milk, peanut butter, crackers, canned fruit, etc.


For longer term storage use the food storage calculator at:  http://providentliving.com/preparedness/food-storage/foodcalc/ which allows you to figure the amount of basic food items for a year.  It will tell you how many pounds of grains, legumes, dairy products, sugars, leavening, salt, and fats you need for your family.


It is really impossible to store a year supply, even a 3 month’s supply, of water.  I encourage you to store at least 2 weeks worth of water (1 gallon per person per day) and then have a water filter and a purification kit. I like the Big Berkey or Providentlving.org has a water filtration bottle for $16.50 with additional filters available. http://store.lds.org/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product3_715839595_10557_3074457345616706370_-1__196940


It may be at some point that we lose power.  That means you would need some alternative way to cook your food, light and heat your home.  Nevada is the third most seismologically active (earthquake) state in the nation.  We are experiencing a time when we have seen the Ring of Fire alive with large earthquakes.


A camping stove or BBQ with stored propane would be a good alternative.  Just as for any emergency you should have flashlights, lanterns, (with extra batteries or fuel), candles, matches, etc. Don’t be in the dark.  This year we experienced a large fire in the Elko area very close to my home. Many of my friends were evacuated. We lost power for 15 hours and of course because we are on a well we lost water as well.  I was so happy that we had prepared. Although I was scrambling to find C batteries for my radio so we could keep up on the fire.


Consider special needs for the elderly, babies and pets.  Women consider sanitary supplies.  You can purchase reusable sanitary supplies on line. www.BubuBibi.com


Do you want peace of mind? Do you want to be independent of our corrupt government including FEMA and the mobs when things break down in an economic crisis?  Without food storage and other supplies you will be vulnerable.  I believe it is only responsible to prepare to take care of yourself and your family.  First of all, we must trust God who is our Salvation, but just like Joseph of Egypt we would be wise to prepare.


Resources for Long Term Storage: I suggest storing basics like rice, beans, wheat, pasta, potato flakes, sugar, oatmeal, dried onions, dried carrots, dried apples, tomato powder, etc., rather than prepackaged meals, for  several reasons: (don’t forget to include, salt, spices, cooking oil, baking powder, baking soda and yeast) 1) They are much cheaper so you can get much more for the money you invest, 2) if someone has food allergies, it is very difficult to eat prepackaged food which often contains the foods most people are sensitive to, 3) whole wheat and beans can be sprouted for additional nutrition especially Vitamin C.

Here is one approach for long term storage (access off www.providentliving.org): http://ndfs.byu.edu/Portals/9/docs/research/AN%20APPROACH%20TO%20LONGER%20TERM%20FOOD%20STORAGE.JUNE2015.pdf


Long term storage is available many places. I am listing ones where I have purchased items myself: 

·         One of the most inexpensive is www.providentliving.org I believe the shipping is just $3 for whatever you order. You do have to order a case of 6 #10 cans of a single item. Inexpensive water filters too.

·         www.Costco.com shipping is included.

·         WalMart off the shelf, one #10 can at a time.

·         Emergency Essentials www.beprepared.com Huge variety.

·         Big Berkey Water Filters are available at Amazon, www.bigberkeywaterfilter.com just search the web.


Better to be prepared months or years in advance rather than one day too late!

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