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Editor: Janine Hansen
July 2017, In the Year of Our Lord                    
Volume 43, Number 5 & 6 Double Issue

Final Legislative Report 2017

     The Legislature did not turn out to be as devastating as it might have been, thanks to the hard work of many, and divine intervention. There were over 1,112 bills and resolutions introduced. I have reported only on the majority of bills that we followed. There were so many bills we followed there may be some minor mistakes in this report. If you felt like you got a lot of Email Alerts you did!  You can see why when you read the report. It was the most difficult and most intense Legislative Session I have ever experienced. Every day I thought it couldn’t get worse, but the next day it was worse! Unless otherwise noted all Democrats voted for the bills. Thanks to all who participated, by emailing, posting on the Legislative opinion, calling, testifying and especially for your financial support which made it possible for me to be thereYou made all the difference!!!

 Perhaps Our Greatest Victory!

     The threat to our Constitution has never been greater. The forces of the welfare state, immorality, and corruption pervade our local, state, federal government and nation regardless of political party. George Soros, John Paul Stevens former Supreme Court Justice, Wolf Pac and Move to Amend among others on the Left are working for an Article V Constitutional Convention to repeal Citizens United and possibly the Second Amendment.  The Koch Brothers through the American Legislative Exchange Council and BBB4USA, the Convention of States, Mark Levin and other prominent conservatives are working for an Article V Constitutional Convention on the Right. Can you imagine the political forces and ensuing chaos that would be in play if the greatest political event since our founding, an Article V Constitutional Convention, were ever to take place?

     In an unprecedented victory this Session of the Nevada Legislature, all Republicans and all Democrats in the State Senate and Assembly voted unanimously to pass SJR10 which repealed all previous Nevada Legislative Article V applications including the so called Balanced Budget Amendment. This was so important because nationally the BBA had amassed 31 of the 34 state applications needed to call for a Convention. Their efforts are remarkably well funded.  However the push back is happening. In 2016 Delaware rescinded all of their previous applications and this year. New Mexico, Maryland and finally Nevada rescinded all previous Article V’s taking the BBA Article V efforts back to 27 states. Whew!

     Our success is especially remarkable considering that last session Nevada was very near to passing a new Article V, the Convention of States. We only defeated it through incredible efforts and miracles. Democrat Senator Segerblom was the sponsor which was our strategy. I want to give special recognition and credit to Shawn Meehan of the Republican Party whose work for several years was essential to our victory. Also I want to thank the many people who came to the hearing and lobbied from home.  This victory gave me great hope!


Bad Bills and Resolutions that Died

AB43 raised the Property Tax Cap so they could collect more according to the formula. The property tax floor for homes goes up to 3% per year. Never got a vote in Assembly Taxation Committee.

 AB104 Election motor voter and same day registration and voting was amended out of the bill. It provides for “election centers” where any registered voter may go to vote on Election Day rather than their own precinct. Did not receive a vote in the Assembly.

 AB186 Lowers the age of school attendance to 5 years. Never received a vote in Assembly Committee.

 AB193 Fluoride in Washoe County water. Truckee Meadows Water Authority unanimously opposed AB193. In 2002, 58% of Voters in Washoe County opposed fluoridating the water. Fluoridation will cost nearly $70 million for TMWA to fluoridate the water raising customers’ rates by 8.83%. This rate hike would be without giving customers the right to vote on fluoridation. 23+ human studies and 100+ animal studies link fluoride to brain damage.  41% of American children have dental fluorosis caused by excess fluoride, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 99% of all fluoride added to water goes down the drain and into the environment. This will harm the fish in the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake. Most fluoride used in water is waste products from the scrubbing systems of fertilizer industry and is classified as hazardous waste.

 AB237 Abolished Capital Punishment. After the hearing it never received a vote in Assembly Judiciary.

 AB274 National Popular Vote. If this compact had been in force in 2016, Hillary Clinton would be President.  National Popular Vote would make Nevada a meaningless flyover state for Presidential elections.  Large population states would decide the election. The National Popular Vote violates the Constitution which requires Congress to authorize state Compacts and circumvents the Electoral College. Never received a vote after the hearing in the Assembly Committee.

 AB308 authorizes a Legislator to request a disparate impact statement estimating the effect that a bill or joint resolution will have on persons in Nevada based on race, ethnicity, gender or status as a senior citizen or veteran. This was reverse discrimination.  Never received a hearing in Assembly Committee.

 AB357 & SB223 the Sanctuary State bills prohibiting law enforcement from enforcing Immigration laws. These were so bad that the Democrats did not even give them a hearing.

 SB21 Abolishes Nye County Water District. Passed Senate unanimously. Killed by Swank in Assembly.

 SB115 Prohibits Concealed Carry in Public Libraries. All Senate Republicans voted No. Assembly no vote.

 SB156 would have extended requirement for car seats from less than 6 years of age to less than 8 years of age. All Senate Republicans voting no except Heidi Gansert. Never received vote in Assembly.

 SB174 Rename McCarran Airport to Harry Reid Airport. Never received a vote in Senate Committee.

 SB186 Office of New Americans for illegal aliens to provide assistance for education, jobs etc. Never received vote in Senate Finance.

 SB261 Assisted Suicide, doctor prescribes a deadly dose of 90 pills so patient can go home and commit suicide.  Doctor then lies on death certificate saying the patient died of their terminal disease. Insurance companies can’t refuse to pay because it was not a “suicide”. Passed Senate with Democrats voting Yes except Ford and Denis. All Republicans voted No except Pete Goichechea voted Yes. It did not receive a vote in Assembly Health. Thanks to Melissa Clement and Nevada Right to Life for their tremendous efforts.

 SB271 gave State Water Engineer power to curtail domestic wells from 2 acre feet a year to .5 acre feet per year. Did not receive vote on Senate floor.

 SB272 Allowed State Water Engineer to limit wells drilled after July, 2017 to .5 acre feet per year. Received no vote in Senate.

 SB387 Worst anti-gun bill which denied basic constitutional rights regarding protective orders. Another horrible bill sponsored by “Radical” Ratti. All Senate Republicans voted No. It died in Assembly Judiciary. 

 SB437  5 cents a gallon Diesel Tax increase for all counties except Clark and Washoe. Before it passed the Senate an amendment was added requiring a vote by the people and a 2/3rds vote by the County Commission. Interestingly, even after the amendment, it died on the Chief Clerks Desk in the Assembly.

 SB507 changed the structure of the Interim Committees moving towards a full time Legislature. Died in Senate Finance. 

 AJR6 eliminated the Constitutional offices of State Treasurer and Controller and took away your vote. Consolidated the functions in the office of the Governor. Divided government is what was designed to protect liberty by our founding fathers.

 SJR11 Annual Sessions.  120 calendar days odd numbered years like now, plus 45 Calendar days in even numbered years. Passed Senate all Republicans voted No. Never received a vote in Assembly.

 SJR16 State Equal Rights Amendment. Declared dead.  See Miracle Report on page 5.


Bad Bills Vetoed by Governor

AB101 removed the requirement that the $3 fee paid by hunters be used for predator control. The Dept. of Wildlife and the greenies were planning to use it for other projects. All Assembly and Senate Republicans voted no. Assembly Democrat Justin Watkins voted No.

 AB154 returned the requirement that schools and the University system pay 100% of prevailing wage. Last Session, to increase money for building schools and University buildings, the Legislature reduced the requirement to pay 90% of prevailing wage.  This was a compromise to get the school bond issues to build schools in 2015.  All Assembly and Senate Republicans voted No.

 AB175 Minimum Wage amended so it only sets a minimum for insurance coverage for workers who receive the lower minimum wage because they receive insurance.  Originally moved minimum wage to $15 an hour over several years. All Assembly and Senate Republicans voted No.

 AB272 same day registration and voting, voting on Sunday, and voting centers where anyone can vote instead of going to their precinct. All Senate Republicans voted No. All Assembly Republicans voted No except Paul Anderson, Keith Pickard, Jill Tolles, and Melissa Woodbury.

 AB348 Planned Parenthood’s Sex Education.  This bill was greatly improved and most the horrendous portions were amended out. I saw these amendments as a remarkable victory thanks to over 150 people from the organization Power2Parents from Clark County who turned out for the hearings in Las Vegas. However, there were still some objectionable portions which is why we wanted a veto.

 SB384 designed to hide public employees retirement pension benefit information from the public. All Senate Republicans voted No and were joined by Non-Partisan/Democrat Farley. 

 SB434 made Reno & Sparks City Attorneys Appointed rather than Elected. This bill circumvented the established process for changes which go through the City Charter Committees. Also in 1974 and 1991 the people of Sparks voted in favor of electing their city attorney. There was no support from anyone in Reno or Sparks, at either hearing, for this bill. Opposing the will of the people is a specialty of Senator Julia “Radical” Ratti of Sparks. After listening to the testimony in the Assembly it became obvious that this bill was a personal vendetta by Sparks Senator Ratti against the Sparks City Attorney. She previously served on the Sparks City Council and didn’t like some of his advice. Unlike the appointed City Attorney of Las Vegas the Sparks City attorney kept the taxpayers safe from lawsuits.   All Senate Republicans voted NO. All Assembly Republicans and Democrats Daly, McCurdy, Neal, Ohrenschall, and Spiegel voted NO.

 IP1 is a petition for motor voter, automatically registering to vote every person who shows up at the DMV unless they decline.  It was vetoed by the Governor but will be on the ballot in 2018.

Good Bills that Died

AB109 provides representation for Elko County by the Consumer’s Advocate of the Bureau of Consumer Protection in the Office of Attorney General, to represent the public interest in proceedings conducted by the Public Utilities Commission.  It was an opportunity for people to object to the huge water bills in the Spring Creek. Never received a vote in Assembly.

 AB313 provided protections from companies using your geolocation from your phone without your consent. Killed by Speaker Frierson because he was angry at Assemblyman Wheeler.

 SB86 Provided for the option of teaching cursive handwriting in the government schools in elementary grades. Right now under Common Core no cursive handwriting is taught. Passed Senate unanimously.  Received no vote in Assembly Committee.

 SB109 Prohibits any person from requiring another person to undergo implantation of a microchip or other permanent identification marker. No vote taken in Senate.

 SB358 Stopped Asset Forfeiture abuse and use by law enforcement. Stopped by Senator Canizzaro. Received no vote in Senate Judiciary.

 SJR11*from 2015 Session. Constitutional Amendment to protect right to hunt, fish and trap. Did not get a vote.

Good Bills that Passed and were Signed by Governor

AB118 Extends CCW to military between ages 18 and 21 who have been honorably discharged. Passed Assembly 34 YES, 4 Democrats against, 4 absent. All Senators voted yes, 1 absent.

 SB322 Requiring High School Students to take a civics test based on the U.S. Immigration Citizenship test. All Senate Democrats and Republicans voted yes except Republican Hardy. Assembly Democrats voted Yes except Carton, Carillo, Juaregui, Miller, Monroe-Moreno, Neal, Spiegel, Thompson, and Watkins. All Assembly Republicans voted Yes.

 SB538 Internet Privacy passed unanimously in Senate and Assembly. It was Democrat Aaron Ford’s bill. 

Bad Bills that PASSED and were Signed by Governor

AB229 Any Gender Marriage: This bill changes Nevada State Statutes and says “same sex couples may exercise the fundamental right to marry.” 2 Assembly Republicans voted yes, Jill Tolles & Pickard. All Senators voted yes. Only Gustavson voted No.

 AB249 This originally put into state law taxpayer-funded abortion through Medicaid and removed religious exemption for private companies to provide insurance for them to cover contraceptives and abortions. These, after great efforts, were amended out. In addition abortifacients causing abortions up to 7 weeks were amended out.  It now forces private insurance and Medicaid to cover contraceptives with no co-pay. The purpose of this bill is to put portions of Obamacare into Nevada law costing taxpayers money. Only Assembly Republicans Krasner and Ellison voted No and Senate Republicans Gustavson, Hammond, Hardy voted No.

 AB322 the Driver’s Authorization Card for Illegals extended the renewal time from 1 year to 4 years moving us towards a more complete Sanctuary State. Even though all Assembly and Senate Republicans voted No the Governor still signed the bill.

 AB397 Appropriates $1,000,000 for Family Planning Grants for Non Profits (Planned Parenthood). We had a partial victory in that the original bill appropriated $4 million. All Assembly & Senate Republicans voted No.

 AB423 Nevada Commission on “Some” Women gives the Commission, headed by Planned Parenthood’s Elisa Cafferata, an appropriation of $159,134.  All Republicans in Senate voted for it. All Republicans in the Assembly voted No. All Democrats voted yes.

 SB107 Ethnic and Diversity Studies for Schools. Amended from required to optional to establish a class.  Passed Senate unanimously. 10 Assembly Republicans voted No. Republicans Paul Anderson, Krasner, Pickard, Tolles, and Woodbury voted Yes.  

 SB122 Establishes an account for “family planning” in the state general fund to provide grants for government agencies and non-profits such as Planned Parenthood. All Republican Senators voted No. All Assembly Republicans voted No except Titus and Kramer.

 SB126 State Government small business loans for women and minorities. Discriminates against white men, women married to white men, children of white men. Passed Senate with only Gustavson voting No. All Assemblymen voted yes except Krasner, Marchant and McArthur. 

 SB144 this bill originally had same day voter registration and voting, that was amended out. It passed with preregistration of 17 year olds, extending time for military overseas voter registration and provides people can use a mobile device to obtain voter information from the Secretary of State’s website. All Republicans in Senate and Assembly voted No.

 SB201 prohibits so-calledConversion Therapy” which prohibits parents from seeking professional help for their child (even if the child wants help) for gender identity issues if they oppose the LGTBQ agenda. It prohibits professional therapists from talking about not changing to become an “LGTBQXYZ”, but it is ok to encourage people to become “LGTBQXYZ”. I call this one of the Sodom and Gomorrah bills of this session. It violates religious liberty and parental rights. It establishes the religion of LGTBQ over the Bible and enforces it by law. Only 5 Senate Republicans voted No Goicoechea, Gustavson, Hammond, Hardy, and Harris. Assembly Republicans voting NO: Edwards, Ellison, Hambrick, Hansen, Kramer, Marchant, Oscarson, Wheeler.

 SB233 provides for free contraceptives for 12 months at a time to Medicaid recipients increasing costs for taxpayers. Because of our efforts, the current religious exemption which gives a religious exemption for businesses or organizations who oppose contraception/abortifacients was restored.  In addition, it contained a requirement that taxpayers and insurance companies pay for abortifacients which cause abortions for up to 70 days or 7 weeks. We were able to get this requirement for tax funded abortions amended out of the bill.

8 Senate Republicans voted No with only Gansert voting in favor. 8 of 15 Assembly Republicans voted No with Paul Anderson, Hambrick, Pickard, Titus, Tolles and Woodbury voting Yes. Hansen was absent.

 SB325  allowing children of illegals, before being here 5 years, to receive Medicaid (paid for by your federal tax dollars). An amendment was passed that if federal funding ends the program will end. This is another sanctuary state bill. All Senate Republicans voted Yes. 7 Assembly Republicans voted No: Edwards, Ellison, Hambrick, Krasner, Marchant, McArthur and Wheeler. 

 SB458 Longitudinal invasive tracking of students pre-school thru college. All Senators voted for it but Gustavson. 7 Assembly Republicans voted No:Ellison, Hansen, Kramer, Krasner, Marchant, McArthur, Titus.

 SB492 same day registration and voting was amended out. Now provides for polling places at Indian Reservations, allows county clerks to provide for ballots in languages other than EnglishAll Republican Senators and Assemblymen voted no.

 Bad Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments that Passed

The Governor does not have a veto for Resolutions and Proposed Constitutional Amendments. Constitutional Amendments that passed this session must pass the 2019 session and then go to a vote of the people in 2020.

 AJR2 Any gender marriage Constitutional Amendment overturns marriage between a man and a woman that was passed by 70% of the people. Thankfully it was, through hard work and the grace of God, amended in the Senate to protect churches from being forced to perform “any gender” marriage. All Assembly Republicans voted No except Krasner. All Senators voted Yes except Gustavson and Hardy.

 AJR14 Constitutional Amendment to insure emergency medical care to all persons in Nevada including illegals. This is already a state and federal law. This bill is even worse because it places price controls on hospitals which will drive them out of business. This has happened to 84 hospitals in California which have closed. The cost burden of Medicaid, because the government only pays 52 cents on the dollar, and all the free care provided to illegal aliens causes hospitals to go out of business. Passed Senate & Assembly, all Republicans voting No.

 SJR2 Federal “So-called” Equal Rights Amendment, 35 years after the 1982 deadline, it passed the Senate all Republicans voting No except Gansert. Passed Assembly with all Republicans voting No except Tolles.

 SJR6 Constitutional amendment to increase the minimum wage to $14. This will hurt businesses and those it is intended to help the most. Jobs will be eliminated. All Republicans in Assembly & Senate voted No.

 SJR14 Constitutional Amendment to increase property taxes passed with All Republicans in Assembly voting No and All Republicans in Senate voting No except Kieckhefer. 

 Other Bills that Passed

AJR5 Constitutional amendment originally removed Board of Regents from Constitution and essentially took away people’s right to vote for the Board of Regents. It was amended because of our opposition to ensure people have the right to vote while increasing over site of higher education by Legislature. Passed Asm with Bentiz-Thompson, Joiner, Krasner and Tolles voting No. Senators Gansert and Gustavson voted No.

 One of our Miracles!

     SJR16 a State Equal Rights Amendment including an amendment to require Tax Funded Abortions was miraculously defeated. At the first of this session the Republicans introduced a State ERA in order to provide cover for Republicans running for office.  As introduced, SJR16 had an amendment prohibiting tax funding of abortion.  No action has been taken on it all session. Thursday, June 1, it was passed out of committee with no notice, no hearing and no recommendation.

It appeared on General File for a vote on Friday and was moved to the Secret)ary’s Desk for an amendment. The Democrats on Saturday night amended SJR16 taking out the prohibition against tax funded abortions.  The ensuing maneuvering by Democrats and Republicans on the Floor of the Senate was as exciting as the most heated sports contest. 

     First Minority Leader Senator Roberson called for a point of order because the amendment handed out was missing a page….finally that was remedied. Then Roberson arose to object to the language saying it would require taxpayer funded abortions. Senator Hardy followed saying it was worse than that because it would require that state pay for RU486 (chemical/drug abortions) which have killed over 2,000,000 babies and that Nevada had no Hyde Amendment, like the federal government, preventing tax funded abortions.

     Senator Ford said the Legislative Counsel Bureau (lawyers for the Legislature) had indicated that SJR16 would have no greater effect than the current U.S. Supreme Court decision.  Senator Roberson arose and asked to see the LCB opinion. Ford said it was not written but an oral opinion. Roberson demanded to talk to the LCB.  For over one-half hour, most of the Republicans spoke with LCB attorneys Brenda Erdoes and Kevin Powers off to the side of the Senate floor.  I watched, leaning into the glass from the gallery, praying for a miracle.  When they finished, Senator Roberson saw me and winked.


     The Republicans were the only sponsors on SJR16. After that, one by one the Republican Senators arose and said they were not satisfied with the LCB opinion and requested, according the Senate Standing Rule No. 112.4, that their names be removed as sponsors. Senator Gustavson was the last Senator to remove his name, so no sponsors remained on the bill. When he finished the President of the Senate, Lt. Governor Hutchinson said. “Is there anyone who wants to sponsor SJR16?” It was as if we were in suspended animation. Silence…after what seemed like a long time but was probably 12 seconds Lt. Governor Hutchinson slammed down the gavel and said, “The bill is dead!”  The Democrats had been blinded and silent. They were stunned!.  If only one of them had spoken up and said they wanted to sponsor the bill it would not have been declared dead.  …a MIRACLE!!!

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