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October 2017, In the Year of Our Lord 2017
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  2018 Freedom Calendars are here!

The Freedom Calendars cover a different section of the Bill of Rights every month. Just reading them is a Constitutional education!  We will be sending a Freedom Calendar to every one of our supporters who has contributed $50 during the year.  Freedom Calendars make wonderful Christmas gifts. We will also have additional calendars for sale for $5 each, plus shipping if necessary.  Thank You!

 They are planning to RAISE your PROPERTY TAXES!

 Are you prepared to Ask the Candidates the Right Questions?

We all wish it weren’t true but campaigns are just around the corner. Many candidates have already begun raising money.  We as citizens must be prepared to ask the candidates the right questions. There are many important questions. But let’s begin with those issues which passed the Legislature in 2017 and because they are proposed Constitutional Amendments, will have to pass the Legislature again in 2019 before going on the ballot. 

 All candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, State Senate and Assembly, and County Commission need to be asked about SJR14, to raise property taxes. (It’s important to remember that ALL county governments, Democrat and Republican, were supporting SJR14 so they must also be asked about this issue.)

 SJR14 is the proposed Constitutional Amendment to increase property taxes. It passed the Legislature in 2017. If it passes the Legislature in 2019 it will go on the ballot. It requires that property taxes reset at a much higher rate, even doubling, each time a home or business property is sold.  If you plan to stay in your home until you die you might not care…except…

 Your friends, neighbors, family, children and grandchildren will have much less to spend on food, clothing, health care, transportation, and housing, pushing more Nevadans into poverty. If you have a business your customers will have less to spend. If you work for a business its customers will have less to spend so you may not get a raise or keep your job.

 Those supporting SJR14 at the initial hearing on April 11, 2017 included the Nevada State Teachers Association (Union), the Clark and Washoe County School Districts, the Nevada Association of Counties representing ALL County Governments, and as always the ever tax friendly Nevada Taxpayers Association.

 “Nevadans spend nearly $70 million annually to educate the children of illegal immigrants in K-12 schooling. (2008 figures) An additional $45 million is being spent annually on programs for limited English students who are likely children of illegal aliens. Nearly one in six (15.8% in 2008) K-12 school students in Nevada is the child of an illegal alien, and this share has grown as the illegal resident population has grown.”

 This information comes from a special report by Federation for American Immigration Reform published in 2009, “The Costs of Illegal Immigration to Nevadans,” by Jack Martin. Remember…the numbers are 8 years old and things are much worse now.

 “In 2008, the foreign born population in Nevada represented nearly one in every 5 residents (19.6%), and illegal aliens constitute nearly one in every twelve residents (8.1%).  The share of children of immigrants is even higher. More than one-in-three (36.2%) Nevada residents under 18 had an immigrant parent.”

Do you favor raising property taxes on anybody in Nevada to pay for more illegals in our schools? 

Do you favor raising property taxes on anybody in Nevada to pay for more Medicaid for illegals?

Do you favor raising property taxes on anybody in Nevada to pay for more welfare or food stamps for illegals?

 According to the Center for Immigration Studies 62% of households headed by illegal immigrants used one or more welfare programs…and there is a child present in 86% of illegal immigrant households using welfare, and this is the primary way that these household access government programs.”

 “FAIR estimates that the annual fiscal burden on Nevada taxpayers associated with illegal immigration to be about $630 million (in 2008).  This equates to an annual average cost of about $763 per native-born headed household in the state. In addition, there is a cost to the state’s economy resulting from remittances sent abroad that amounted to $618 million in 2006. From 2004 to 2006 remittance flow increased 38%. Estimated taxes collected from the illegal alien population are about $216 million.”

 Let’s face it, governments, county, school districts, the state…will never have enough of our dollars!  Government is insatiable whether they be Republicans as they proved by passing the largest tax increase in Nevada history in 2015 or Democrats as the 2017 session proved. The only answer is to say NO every time!

 Instead of state and local governments doing all they can to make Nevada a friendly place for illegals (otherwise known as a Sanctuary State) tell candidates that if elected you want them to encourage the illegals to go home by eliminating all government benefits provided by the taxpayers, including facilitating illegals’ drivers licenses through the Drivers Authorization Cards. And thus reduce the illegals drain on the Taxpayer Turnip.

 In terms of purchasing power, real wages for Americans have not increased since 1979.  The average family already pays 60% of its income in federal, state, and local taxes (many hidden taxes) which is more than they pay for housing, health care, transportation, education, and food combined.

 Tell candidates specifically that you oppose SJR14 to Raise Property Taxes and ask them where they stand. When is enough enough? For the government cog squeezing the last blood out of the Taxpayer Turnip, the answer is NEVER! Just Say NO to any New Taxes!

 Why you should care that China will now Buy Oil in Yuan (Chinese Currency)

October 1, 2017 Excerpts from Barrons –

By John Curran, former partner and head of commodities at Caxton Associates

In the summer of 1974, Treasury Secretary William Simon traveled to Saudi Arabia and secretly struck a momentous deal with the kingdom. The U.S. agreed to purchase oil from Saudi Arabia, provide weapons, and in essence guarantee the preservation of Saudi oil wells, the monarchy, and the sovereignty of the kingdom. In return, the kingdom agreed to invest the dollar proceeds of its oil sales in U.S. Treasuries, basically financing America’s future federal expenditures…

 Soon, other members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) followed suit, and the U.S. dollar became the standard by which oil was to be traded internationally. (Now known as petrodollars.) …The agreement enabled the U.S. to print dollars with little adverse effect on interest rates, thereby facilitating consistent U.S. economic growth over the subsequent decades.

 An important consequence was that oil-importing nations would be required to hold large amounts of U.S. dollars in reserve in order to purchase oil, underpinning dollar demand. This essentially guaranteed a strong dollar and low U.S. interest rates for a generation.

 Recent developments in technology and geopolitics, however, have already ignited a process to bring an end to the financial system predicated on petrodollars, which will have a profound impact on global financial markets…

 …(A) MAJOR SECULAR CHANGE that is under way in the oil market comes from the geopolitical arena. China, now the world’s largest importer of oil, is no longer comfortable purchasing oil in a currency over which it has no control, and has taken the following steps that allow it to circumvent the use of the U.S. dollar:

China has agreed with Russia to purchase Russian oil and natural gas in yuan (Chinese currency).  As an example of China’s newfound power to influence oil exporters, China has persuaded Angola (the world’s second-largest oil exporter to China) to accept the yuan as legal tender, evidence of efforts made by Beijing to speed up internationalization of the yuan.

 China is set to launch an oil exchange by the end of the year that is to be settled in yuan. Note that in conjunction with the existing Shanghai Gold Exchange, also denominated in yuan, any country will now be able to trade and hedge oil, circumventing U.S. dollar transactions, with the flexibility to take payment in yuan or gold, or exchange gold into any global currency. (Who will want fiat paper dollars with no gold backing?)

 The world’s second-largest oil exporter, Russia, is currently under sanctions imposed by the U.S. and European Union, and has made clear moves toward circumventing the dollar in oil and international trade. In addition to agreeing to sell oil and natural gas to China in exchange for yuan, Russia recently announced that all financial transactions conducted in Russian seaports will now be made in rubles, replacing dollars, according to Russian state news outlet RT. Clearly, there is a concerted effort from the East to reset the economic world order.

 ALL OF THESE DEVELOPMENTS leave global financial markets vulnerable to a paradigm shift that has recently begun…

 THE FEDERAL RESERVE is now in the beginning stages of a shift toward “normalization,” which will lead to diminished support for the U.S. Treasury market. The Fed’s total assets stand at approximately $4.5 trillion, or five times what they were prior to the financial crisis of 2008-09. The goal of the Fed is to “unwind” this enormous balance sheet with minimal market disruption. This is a high-wire act a thousand feet in the air without a safety net or prior practice. Additionally, at some not-so-distant future date, the U.S. will need to finance enormous and growing entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Pensions, Veterans Benefits now projected to be $230 Trillion), and our historical international sources (the petrodollar) for that financing will no longer be willing to support us in that endeavor. End of article.

 From Zero Hedge: “China is currently modifying the terms of its oil trade with Saudi Arabia. Specifically, China is working on a deal to pay for Saudi oil using Chinese yuan. This effort poses a direct threat to the security of the dollar.”


“If this China-Saudi deal happens — yuan for oil — it’s another step closer to the grave for the petrodollar, which has dominated global finance since 1974.” (My note: China will compel Saudi Arabia into the deal by the sheer size of their market. Other OPEC countries will follow.)

 “To recap, the petrodollar is weakening because the dollar is losing power as the world’s reserve currency. This is similar to the way pounds sterling gradually fell out of favor during the decline of the British Empire. The decline may take a long time, but what we’re seeing today is another step in the death march of the dollar.”

 My note: As the decline and death of the dollar continues, the value of your dollar will go down. You will have less and less purchasing power. The United States Government will find it increasingly difficult to finance their astronomical debt and continue to finance entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, federal pensions and Veterans benefits, now the unfathomable number of $230 Trillion.  The USA will decline because we have paid for our military with dollars and used the influence of the petrodollar to impose the “will” of the USA on other nations. The world as we know it is changing.

 Thou shalt be visited of the Lord of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire.” KJV Isaiah 29:6

This sounds like recent events…the largest fire ever in Los Angeles, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, the 8.0 earthquake in Mexico, fires in Oregon, Washington, Montana and Nevada, the devastating fire in Northern California in the Santa Rosa area, the horrible shooting in Las Vegas….All happening within the last few months. Is there a message in all of these disasters? See article on Emergency Preparedness at our website.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

National Eagle Forum Capitol Hill Report: Pro-Life Victory,  October 7, 2017 Pro-Life Victory – Pain-Capable Bill Passes the House! The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36) passed the House on Tuesday by a 237-189 vote with two Republicans voting against it and three Democrats voting for it.  This bill bans abortions after 20 weeks gestation when the unborn baby can feel pain.  Many Congressmen gave heartfelt speeches on the floor leading up to the vote.  Some shared the story of Micah Pickering, a healthy five-year-old boy who was born at 22 weeks. Nevada Congressman Mark Amodei voted for it. The three Nevada Democrat Congressmen were absent. They were in Las Vegas after the horrendous shooting.

 Physician-Assisted Suicide in the U.S. Congress

     Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) has introduced a resolution (H. Con. Res. 80) condemning physician-assisted suicide.  This resolution echoes the sentiment of many diverse, bipartisan groups that this act is harmful to individuals and families across our nation.

     Physician-assisted suicide has been pushed by those in support as a compassionate measure and a way to “die with dignity.”  The truth is that this act is far more dangerous than what is being presented.  This has opened a door for insurance companies, medical professionals, and individuals with nefarious intentions to take advantage of someone with an illness.

     Patients of both state-funded and private insurance have faced pressure to end their life.  In California and Oregon, patients have received statements from their insurance provider that they will cover assisted suicide drugs, but will not cover life-saving treatments, such as chemotherapy, for their illness. 

     Aside from the pressure of insurance companies, the abuse from medical professionals and individuals is inevitable.  The lack of accountability measures leaves room for discrimination against a person who may be elderly or has a physical or mental disability. Without any type of follow-up after dispensing the drug, one may use their prescription to harm others. 

     In the past year, twenty-eight states (including Nevada) have introduced bills to legalize physician-assisted suicide, but none have succeeded thus far.  Additionally, five state-assisted suicide bans were challenged in their courts and all failed.

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