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December 2017, In the Year of Our Lord                    

Volume 43, Number 11

Happy New Year!

 The 31st Annual Pro-life Ad

 A Big Change this Year!

We are excited to announce that instead of a pro-life ad in print newspapers we will advertise in Reno and Las Vegas on electronic billboards…reaching out to a far greater audience. In conjunction with the Choose Life Coalition we will still list our sponsor’s names on our websites. Sponsor’s names are one of the most important aspects of our efforts which show broad public support for the unborn.

 Moving into the digital age is a monumental step forward.  We invite you to support us as a sponsor in this endeavor on behalf of the innocent unborn.

 The electronic billboards will begin on January 22, the tragic anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court Decision Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion for all nine months for any reason. One of the most exciting aspects is that the ads will continue for a month. Readership of the Reno Gazette Journal and other newspapers has continued to decline while rates have gone up.  In addition most people, especially young people, get their news other places.

 The billboards will appear in Reno at the “Spaghetti Bowl” which has the highest traffic flow in Northern Nevada. In addition, we will have an electronic billboard expanding our message to Las Vegas area for the first time. The ads will feature high impact, beautiful, factual and heart changing pro-life messages like the one below.

 You can add your name as a sponsor for a donation of $25 or more. This is a very costly campaign costing over $5000. Please return the enclosed form with your sponsorship. You can also donate on line at www.nevadafamilies.org using a credit card, just put in a message line that it is for sponsorship of the pro-life ads or notify us by email.




"Biological sex is not assigned. Sex is determined at conception by our DNA."

  American College of Pediatricians President Sounds Off, Says Use of Puberty Blockers is 'Institutionalized Child Abuse' By Will Maule, Author, December 14, 2017

       With so much confusion surrounding the whole issue of gender identity, transgenderism, and gender dysphoria, it can be refreshing to have a true expert come out and give us some well-researched facts on the matter. That is exactly what Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, has done in this new video. Her remarks are direct and very hard-hitting.

       "Our bodies declare our sex," opened Cretella in the video posted by The Daily Signal. "Biological sex is not assigned. Sex is determined at conception by our DNA. It is stamped into every cell of our bodies."

        This is where much of the misunderstanding lies, with young children being encouraged to explore different gender identities. But Cretella argues that this is all about complex human psychiatry, and that the science of biological sex is crystal clear:

       "Human sexuality is binary. There are at least 6500 genetic differences between men and women. Hormones and surgery cannot and do not change this. An identity is not biological, it is psychological. Identity has to do with thinking and feeling. Thoughts and feelings are not biologically hardwired. Our thinking and feeling may be factually right or factually wrong."

Dr. Cretella goes on to give an extraordinary example:

       "If I walk into my doctor's office today and say 'Hi, I'm Margaret Thatcher,' my physician will say I'm delusional and give me an anti-psychotic. However, if instead I walked in and said 'I am a man,' he'd say 'Congratulations, you are transgender.'

       She continued: "If I were to say 'Doctor, I am suicidal, I am an amputee trapped in a normal leg. Please, surgically remove my leg.' I would be diagnosed with body identity integrity disorder. But if I walk up to that same doctor and say 'I am a man, sign me up for a double mastectomy,' my physician will."

Dr. Cretella's conclusion? "If you want to cut off a healthy arm or leg, you're mentally ill. But if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you're transgender."

       "Let's be clear, no one is born transgender," she added, going on to give an example of a young boy who was under her medical care.

       "I had one little boy who we'll call Andy. He increasingly played with girl toys and started saying he was a girl. I referred Andy and his parents to a therapist. Sometimes, mental illness of the parent of abuse of the child are factors. But more commonly, the child has misperceived family dynamics and internalized false belief."

       As the sessions went on, it became clear to the therapist that Andy's gender confusion was rooted in some crucial family dynamics.

"In the middle of one session, Andy put down the toy truck and held onto the barbie and said 'Mommy and Daddy, you don't love me when I'm a boy.' When Andy was three, his sister with special needs was born. She required significantly more of his parent's care and attention. Andy misperceived this as 'Mommy and Daddy love girls. If I want them to love me again, I have to be a girl.' With family therapy, Andy got better."

       Today, Andy's parents would be told something completely different:

       "They would hear 'this is who Andy really is. You must change his name and assure everyone treats him as a girl, or else he will commit suicide.' As Andy would approach puberty, the experts would put him on puberty blockers so that he could continue to impersonate a girl," explained Cretella.

        Dr. Cretella rejects what she deems to be an unsafe practice of injecting pre-pubescent children with hormone blockers, and advocates for parents to support their children in their natural development either male or female.

      “When supported in their biological sex through natural puberty, the vast majority of gender-confused children get better," she explained. "Yet, we are chemically castrating gender-confused children with puberty blockers. Then, we permanently sterilize many of them by adding cross-sex hormones."

       Michelle is convinced that far from releasing children into who they were made to be, such treatments actually constitute "institutionalized child abuse."

       "Let's be clear. To indoctrinate all children from pre-school forward with the lie that they could be trapped in the wrong body disrupts the very foundation of a child's reality testing. If a child can't trust the reality of their physical bodies, who or what can they trust? Transgender ideology in schools is psychological abuse that often leads to chemical castration, sterilization and surgical mutilation. If that's not child abuse, ladies and gentleman, what is?"  http://www.faithwire.com/2017/12/14/american-college-of-pediatricians-president-sounds-off-says-use-of-puberty-blockers-is-institutionalized-child-abuse/




Incredible Book a Must Read: Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn


This incredible book connects the blueprint laid down in the Old Testament of Ancient Israel’s wicked King Ahab and Queen Jezebel in a most remarkable way with President Clinton and Hillary.  The book goes on to trace the amazing rise of Jehu and how it correlates to President Trump. It is absolutely fascinating!


One incredible correlation is the murder of the innocent promoted through the worship of Baal in Ancient Israel and the killing of the unborn in our day by abortion. The last chapters tell us how we must stand against the evil of our day as the ancient prophet Elijah did in his day. I highly recommend you get the book, available in print, audible or on CD as I did.  It will astound, enlighten and encourage you.  Jonathan Cahn also wrote the Harbinger, another book I previously recommended. 


Tragic Abortion Statistics since January 22, 1973


60,028,124 babies aborted in the United States since 1973 Roe v. Wade

2,140 babies aborted every day in the U.S.

912,136 babies aborted in the U.S. this year

43,782 babies aborted after 16 weeks in the U.S. this year

1,479,393,149 babies aborted worldwide since 1980



Pro-Life Ad Deadline January 18, 2018


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