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We will publish Legislator voting records on the following issues before the Nov Election

AB148 & AB487 Campus Carry, AJR7 Constitutional Convention & Related SB274 Con Con Delegate Selection Bill, SJR21 Urges Congress to Enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty), SJR20 Endorsed Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), SJR3 Took Away People’s Right to Vote for Lt. Governor, SB302 School Choice. See Recommendations on Ballot Questions below.


In 2015 the Nevada Legislature passed SB483--

The largest Tax Increase in Nevada History… $1.5 Billion Tax increase


Nevada State Senators up for election in 2016 who Voted YES on SB483

*Pat Spearman-D Clark Dist 1                                   *David Parks-D Clark Dist 6

*Tick Segerblom-D Clark Dist 3                                 *Aaron Ford-D Clark Dist 11

*Kelvin Atkinson-D Clark Dist 4                                 *Scott Hammond-R Clark Dist 18

*Joyce Woodhouse-D Clark Dist 5


Other Senators voting YES on SB483 who are not up for election in 2016: Republicans:

Greg Brower (resigned), Patricia Farley, Joe Hardy, Becky Harris, Ben Kieckhefer, Mark LIpperelli, Michael Roberson. Democrats: Moises Denis, Reuben Kihuen, Mark Manendo, Debbie Smith (deceased).


Nevada State Senators who Voted NO on SB483 who are up for election in 2016

*Pete Goicoechea-R Rural Dist 19

*Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman-R is now running for Clark Senate Dist 6 (voted No in Assembly)


Other Senators not up for election who voted No on SB483

Don Gustavson-R                                                            James Settelmeyer-R

Note: Former Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert who served as Governor Brian Sandoval’s first Chief of Staff is running for former Senator Greg Brower’s Senate Seat in Washoe Dist 15.  She is the handpicked successor to Greg Brower by the Tax Raisers of the Nevada State Senate leadership.


Assemblymen up for re-election who voted YES on SB483, the Largest Tax Increase in Nevada History.

Clark County:

 *John Hambrick-R AD2 (Assembly Speaker)                *Tyron Thompson-D AD17

*Nelson Araujo-D AD3                                                    *Richard Carrillo-D AD18

*Dina Neal-D AD7                                                           *Ellen Spiegel-D AD20

*David Gardner-R AD9                                                    *Derek Armstrong-R AD21

*Olivia Diaz-R AD11                                                        *Melissa Woodbury-R AD23

*James Ohrenschall-D AD12                                          *Edgar Flores-D AD28

*Paul Anderson-R AD13 (Republican Majority Leader) 

*Maggie Carlton-D AD14                                                *Leslie Cohen-D AD29

*Elliott Anderson-D AD15                                               *James Oscarson-R AD36

*Heidi Swank-D AD16                                                    *Irene Bustamante-Adams-D AD42


Washoe County

*Amber Joiner-D AD24                                                  *Mike Sprinkle-D AD30

*Teresa Benitez-Thompson-D AD27


Nevada Assemblymen who Voted NO on SB483 who are up for election in 2016

Washoe and Rural Counties

*Jill Dickman-R AD31 Washoe                                                      *Robin Titus-R AD38 (Churchill, Lyon)

*Ira Hansen-R AD32 (Washoe, Esmeralda, Lander, Mineral, Nye, Pershing)

*John Ellison-R AD33 (Elko, Eureka, Lincoln, White Pine)           *Jim Wheeler-R AD39 (Douglas, Lyon, Storey)


Clark County

*Shelly Shelton-R AD10                                              *Victoria Seaman-R AD34 running for Senate Dist. 6

*Chris Edwards-R AD19                                              *Brent Jones-R AD35

Michele Fiore-R Dist 4 is not running for re-election

Note: former Assemblyman Richard McArthur who was opposed by the Republican Tax Raiser Senator Roberson is running again for election in AD 4.


AB405 Parental Notification on Abortion Killed by Sandoval & Republican Senate

AB405 passed the Assembly with all Republicans voting yes. It died in the Senate at the hands of Governor Sandoval and Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson. AB405 allowed a parent to be notified before their underage daughter got an abortion. In all other surgical procedures parents must give their consent for the underage child to have surgery. Parental notification will help to bring parents and their daughters together to address this life changing situation. The Legislative Counsel Bureau’s opinion stated that this bill complies with the requirements of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision as well as the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions.


Assemblymen who voted YES on Parental Notification who are up for election

Clark County                                                                              Washoe & Rural Counties

*John Hambrick-R AD2                                                               *Jill Dickman-R AD31

*John Moore-R AD8 now a Libertarian                                        *Ira Hansen-R AD32

*David Gardner-R AD9                                                                *John Ellison-R AD33

*Shelly Shelton-R AD10                                                              *James Oscarson-R AD36

*Paul Anderson-R AD13                                                              *Robin Titus-R AD38

*Chris Edwards-R AD19                                                              *Jim Wheeler-R AD39

*Derek Armstrong-R AD21

*Victoria Seaman-R AD34 running for Senate Dist 6

*Brent Jones-R AD35

Answers to Questions on the Ballot


NO on Question 1: Universal Background Check Initiative

This information is from: http://nevadansforstategunrights.org/ Go and get much more!

This initiative, financed by the former gun grabbing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is a direct threat to our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

·      Requires a private individual who is selling a gun to go to a Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL), surrender their gun, pay a fee, run a background check on the buyer and if the sale doesn’t go through submit to a background check and pay the fee to get your own gun back. 

·      If you fail to have a background check before you sell the gun, you will now be subject to a charge of a gross misdemeanor or felony.

·      The State law already allows you to voluntarily conduct a background check on the person you want to sell a gun to for free, through the state database with just a phone call.

·      The vast majority of gun sales in Nevada are through an FFL dealer including those at gun shows. Most of the sales that take place without a background check are to relatives and are not covered under this initiative.

·      This is not about criminals who are already using guns illegally.  It is about controlling law-abiding Nevadans and taking away our unalienable rights.

·      Similar laws are being promoted in all 50 states. This is virtual national gun registration which will lead to gun confiscation.  Do you trust the government?


The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (very anti-gun) ranks states according to how many anti-gun laws they have giving universal background checks the number one spot. Nevada received an F, California an A-. Criminals prefer unarmed victims!


"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."  Thomas Jefferson


NO on Question 2:

Legalize Recreational Marijuana (Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana)

This question would regulate marijuana like alcohol. Four states have legalized recreational marijuana: Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon as well as the District of Columbia.

Colorado: Negative Consequences of Legalizing Pot: Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area http://media.graytvinc.com/documents/August+2014+Legalization+of+MJ+in+Colorado+the+Impact.pdf

·       Traffic fatalities from persons testing positive on marijuana use were up 100% from 2007 t0 2012.

·       Majority of driving under the influence arrests were marijuana related.

·       Toxicology reports for positive marijuana use for DUI increased 16% from 2011 to 2013.

·       2012, 10.47% of Colorado’s youth 12-17 were considers marijuana users as compared to national rate of 7.55%. This is 39% higher than the national average. Colorado ranked 4th in the nation.

·       Marijuana exposure for children ages 0-5 increased 268% from 2006-2009 to 2010-2013. Colorado’s exposure rate is triple the national average.

·       In 2012, 26.81 percent of college age students (ages 18 – 25 years) were considered current marijuana users compared to 18.89 percent nationally. Colorado, ranked 3rd in the nation, was 42 percent higher than the national average.

·       In 2012, 7.63 percent of adults ages 26 and over were considered current marijuana users compared to 5.05 percent nationally. Colorado, ranked 7th in the nation, was 51 percent higher than the national average.

·       In 2013, 48.4 percent of Denver adult arrestees tested positive for marijuana which is a 16 percent increase from 2008.

·       From 2011 to 2013 there was a 57% increase in marijuana related emergency room visits.

·       Hospitalizations related to marijuana have increased 82% from 2008 to 2013.

·       In 2012, the City of Denver’s rate for marijuana related emergency room visits was 45% higher than the rest of Colorado.

·       Highway interdictions seizures of Colorado marijuana destined to 40 other states increased 397% from 2008 to 2013.

·       The average pounds of Colorado marijuana seized, destined for other states, increased 33.5 percent from 2005 to 2008 compared to 2009 to 2013.

·       Overall, crime in Denver increased 6.7% for the first 6 months of 2013 to the first 6 months of 2014.

·       The number of pets poisoned from ingesting marijuana has increased four-fold in the past six years.

·       Colorado estimates for annual revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana varies from $65 million (.6 percent of all expected general fund revenue) to $118 million (1.2 percent of all expected general fund revenue). It is tens of millions of tax dollars less than was expected.

·       The majority of counties and cities in Colorado have banned recreational marijuana businesses.


Next Month See Ballot Question Recommendations for Questions 3, 4, & 5.


Good News! The proposal for an Article V Constitutional Convention of the States was overwhelmingly defeated in the National Republican Platform Committee, so the Republican National Committee’s Resolution against Article V Con/Con stands.


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The European Union is a Creation of the CIA

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary under Reagan, Dr. John Paul Roberts, July 27, 2106

http://kingworldnews.com/paul-craig-roberts-we-are-about-to-witness-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it Excerpts

     “…Washington’s conquest of Europe resulted from the Marshall Plan, from fears of Stalin’s Red Army that caused Europe to rely on Washington’s protection and to subordinate Europe’s militaries to Washington in NATO, from the replacement of the British pound as world reserve currency with the US dollar, and from the long process of the subordination of the sovereignty of individual European countries to the European Union, a CIA initiative implemented by Washington in order to control all of Europe by controlling only one unaccountable government.

     “Some years ago CIA documents proving that the EU was a CIA initiative were released. Seehttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/1356047/Euro-federalists-financed-by-US-spy-chiefs.html

     Washington is using the EU to force Europeans into conflict with Russia, a powerful nuclear power capable of destroying all of Europe and all of the United States in a few minutes.

     The only way Europeans can prevent a nuclear World War III and continue to live and to enjoy what remains of their culture that the Americans have not destroyed with America’s culture of sex and violence and greed, is for the European governments to follow the lead of the English and exit the CIA-created European Union. And exit NATO, the purpose of which evaporated with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and which is now being used as an instrument of Washington’s World Hegemony.

     “Europeans are already suffering from the economic sanctions that their overlord in Washington forced them to apply to Russia and Iran. Why do Europeans want to be destroyed by war with Russia? Do Europeans have a death wish?  The answer is that it makes no difference whatsoever what Europeans think, because Washington has set up a government for them that is totally independent of their wishes. The EU government is accountable only to Washington’s money. A few people capable of issuing edicts are on Washington’s payroll. The entire peoples of Europe are Washington’s serfs.

     “Therefore, if Europeans remain the gullible, insouciant, and stupid peoples that they currently are, they are doomed, along with the rest of us.”

Editor: Janine Hansen

July-August 2016, In the Year of Our Lord                    

Volume 42, Number 7, Email version



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