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Answers to State Questions on the Ballot

Plus State Senate & Assembly Voting Records

The State Senate and Assembly Voting Records for the Largest Tax increase in Nevada History and Parental Notification on Abortion were in our most recent July/August Newsletter and are on our website.

Question 1 Universal Background Check: NO. This is a direct threat to our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms and a move towards gun registration. Only law abiding citizens will obey this law. Criminals already violate the law by having guns and committing crimes. 

More Information available: 
and at our website in the July Newsletter.

Question 2 Legalize Recreational Marijuana: NOIn Colorado where it has been legalized, there have been many negative consequences for taxpayers and citizens who bear the burden of irresponsible marijuana use. Traffic fatalities are up 100%. DUI's are up 16%. Colorado's youth rate of marijuana use is 39% higher than other states. Accidental ingestion by children is up 268% and pets poisoned by marijuana has increased 4 fold. Emergency room visits, hospitalizations and particularly crime are all up. The tax dollars generated by marijuana have been far below what was anticipated. The majority of cities and counties have banned recreational marijuana businesses. Recreational marijuana is a big loser for taxpaxers' pocketbooks and citizens' safety. More information: at our website in the July Newsletter and

Question 3 Energy Choice: NO. (The other energy question #5 which addressed net metering was taken off the ballot by the courts.)Question 3is a very broad and undefined question. Having reviewed many arguments for and against, I continue to have many questions and concerns. The philosophical concept of providing all electricity customers meaningful choices among different providers, minimizing regulatory burdens, promoting competition and eliminating monopoly...all have appeal. But, several things cause me to question the real purpose of this question.

       According the language in Question 3, we will not know what it really does, until the Nevada Legislature, before July 1, 2023, provides by law provisions which establish an open, competitive retail electric energy market...We have NO idea what the Legislature will come up with or which highly paid lobbyists and special interests will prevail at the Legislature. I do not suffer from the delusion that this is designed to benefit the public. The Las Vegas Sands Casino and to a lesser extent MGM Resorts International have financed the campaign for Question 3. Tesla and a data storage company Switch have also supported Q3. But here's the kicker...Senator Harry Reid supports Question 3 supposedly because it will create opportunities for renewable energy. Whether renewable energy benefits the public I don't know. It certainly know it is more expensive than fossil fuels, and renewables have been forced on us by Obama and the liberal left like Harry Reid.

      According to an article by Michelle Rindels of the Associated Press, "Opponents of deregulation say there's no evidence that the process lowers energy prices. Nevadans pay an average of 44 percent less for electricity than California and 20 percent less than the U.S. as a whole, according to May 2016 data from the federal Energy Information Administration."

     The AFL-CIO union opposes Q3 because they are concerned that the electrical rates of the 200,000 people they represent will go up if it passes. NV Energy/Southern Nevada Power say they are neutral on the Q3, but they won't be when the issue of laws implementing Q3 go before the Legislature.

     Who will benefit from Q3. I don't know but I don't believe in the end it will be the public, so I am voting NO unless and until we have a Question that provides more details on what the real outcome will be.

Question 4 Medical Patient Tax Relief Act: YES

This question is very reasonable. It exempts from the state sales tax of 6.85% such necessary medical devices as oxygen tanks, concentrators, ventilators, CPAP machines, nebulizers, drug infusion devices, feeding pumps, infant apnea monitors, hospital beds and bath and shower aids. Oxygen tanks and concentrators can cost $639 to $3,325 before taxes. The measure also exempts items such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches. Wheelchairs cost between $114 to $8,800 and hospital beds from $585 to $13,500.

     These costs impact patients with insurance through increased co-pays and deductibles. Those without insurance who pay out of pocket could forgo equipment their doctor prescribes because of cost. According to government estimates in 2015, this question will have a nominal impact on tax revenues. Because it is a Constitutional Amendment, if passed this year it will have to be voted on again in 2018.

State Senate and Assembly VOTING RECORDS

*Indicates up for election.

CAMPUS CARRY, AB148 & AB487 allowed a person with a Concealed Carry Permit to Carry on a College Campus. It failed to pass. All Republican Assemblymen voted in favor: *Paul Anderson, *Derek Armstrong, *Jill Dickman, Victoria Dooling, *Chris Edwards, *John Ellison, Michele Fiore, *David Gardner, *John Hambrick, *Ira, Hansen, Pat Hickey, *Brent Jones, Randy Kirner, *John Moore, Erven Nelson, P.K. O'Neill, *James Oscarson, *Victoria Seaman, *Shelly Shelton, *Stephen Silberkraus, Lynn Stewart, *Robin Titus, Glenn Trowbridge, *Jim Wheeler, *Melissa Woodbury.Democrat Assemblyman *James Ohrenschall also voted in favor.

     All Assembly Democrats (except James Ohrenschall) voted NO: *Elliot Anderson, *Nelson Araujo, *Teresa Benitez-Thompson, *Irene Bustamante Adams, *Maggie Carlton, *Richard Carrillo, *Olivia Diaz, *Edgar Flores, *Amber Joiner, Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Harvey Munford, *Dina Neal, *Ellen Spiegel, *Michael Sprinkle, *Heidi Swank, *Tyrone Thompson.

     These bills were never given a hearing in the Senate. Governor Sandoval and his minions,Senators Roberson, Kieckhefer, and Brower (who was the chairman of the Judiciary Committee who could have scheduled a hearing) blocked it. It's good to know that after his vote for increasing the taxes and blocking gun legislation that Brower decided not to run again.

AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS: *Indicates up for election.SJR21 was a Resolution which called upon Congress to enact "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" better known as amnesty, sponsored by the Republican controlled Senate Legislative Operations Committee. All Republican and Democrat Senators voted for it: Republican Senators: Greg Brower, Patricia Farley, *Pete Goicoechea, Donald Gustavson, *Scott Hammond, Joseph Hardy, Becky Harris, Ben Kieckhefer, Mark Lipparelli, Michael Roberson, James Settelmeyer. Democrats *Kelvin Atkinson, Moises Denis, *Aaron Ford, Ruben Kihuen, Mark Manendo, *David Parks, *Pat Spearman, *Joyce Woodhouse (*Tick Segerbloom and Debbie Smith Excused).

     This measure could not have passed without Republican support. Republican Assemblymen voting YES: Paul Anderson, Derek Armstrong, Chris Edwards, John Hambrick, Ira Hansen, Pat Hickey, Randy Kirner, Erven Nelson, P.K. O'Neill, James Oscarson, Stephen Silberkraus, Lynn Stewart, Glenn Trowbridge, Melissa Woodbury. Republican Assemblymen voting NO: Jill Dickman, Victoria Dooling, John Ellison, Michele Fiore, David Gardner, Brent Jones, John Moore, Victoria Seaman, Shelly Shelton, Robin Titus, Jim Wheeler.

     All Assembly Democrats voted YES: Elliot Anderson, Nelson Araujo, Teresa Benitez-Thompson, Irene Bustamante Adams, Maggie Carlton, Richard Carrillo, Olivia Diaz, Edgar Flores, Amber Joiner, Harvey Munford, Dina Neal, James Ohrenschall, Ellen Spiegel, Michael Sprinkle, Heidi Swank, Tyrone Thompson.

Took Away People's Right to Vote for Lt. Governor: SJR3 allowed candidates for Governor to choose their own Lt. Governor thus denying the people the right to vote for Lt. Governor. Their argument was that to have Governor and Lt. Governor from the same party. Consider if this had been the law Republican Paul Laxalt former Lt. Governor, Governor and U.S. Senator would never have been elected changing the political landscape in Nevada forever. Laxalt's grandson Adam Paul Laxalt would never have been elected as our current Attorney General. This is another example of the "Powers that Be" from the Republican and Democrat Parties trying to further consolidate their power.

     All Senators voted in favor. Republicans: Greg Brower, Patricia Farley, Pete Goicoechea, Donald Gustavson, Scott Hammond, Joseph Hardy, Becky Harris, Ben Kieckhefer, Mark Lipparelli, Michael Roberson, James Settelmeyer. Democrats: Kelvin Atkinson, Moises Denis, Aaron Ford, Ruben Kihuen, Mark Manendo, David Parks, Tick Segerbloom, Debbie Smith, Pat Spearman, Joyce Woodhouse.

     SJR3 initially failed in the Republican controlled Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections Committee. Then under pressure from the Senate it was reconsidered and passed out. It never received a vote on the Assembly floor because the Assembly Republican caucus did not support it.

Article V Constitutional Convention

SB274 Constitutional Convention Delegate Selection Bill

Republican Senator Settelmeyer was the sponsor of this bill. He serves as Chairman for Nevada for the American Legislative Exchange Council which is the foremost promoter for over 30 years of a Constitutional Convention. ALEC is mainly funded by the Koch Brothers who promote laws favorable to large corporations. The summary of the bill states: "Enacts provisions governing the State's delegates to any federal constitutional conventions". Several years ago Eagle Forum was invited to conference calls by the Task Force on a Balanced Budget Amendment sponsored by ALEC. The Task Force developed the strategy of "Delegate Limitation Legislation" in order to overcome the most powerful argument against an Article V Convention of a runaway Constitutional Convention. When in legislation was heard in our state I testified that every state listed in the Legislative Digest that had passed "Delegate Limitation" Legislation subsequently passed an Article V Convention including Florida, Georgia, Indiana, South Dakota, Tennessee and Utah. So a vote for a Constitutional Delegate Selection bill like SB274 is a Vote for a Constitutional Convention.

     The BBA Task Force's strategy worked. The Legislation fools Legislators into believing that State Legislation can bind a delegate. This is erroneous. Once an Article V Constitutional Convention begins it become a power unto itself...just like the original Constitutional Convention called to AMEND the Articles of Confederation.

     The highest authority to ever speak on Article V, Chief Justice Warren Burger, stated, "...there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The Convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda....After the Convention is convened it will be too late to stop the Convention if we don't like its agenda. The meeting in 1787 ignored the limit placed by the Confederation Congress 'for the sole and express purpose...A Constitutional Convention today would be a free for all for special interests, television coverage, and press speculation...Whatever gain might be hoped for from a new Constitutional Convention could not be worth the risks involved. A new Convention could plunge our Nation into constitutional confusion and confrontation at every turn...I am glad to see states rescinding their previous resolutions requesting a convention.

       More recently, former Supreme Court Justice Scalia called it a "horrible idea"to hold a constitutional convention in the age of special interests. "Once you get those people together, you never know what they're going to do,"

       SB274 Federal Constitutional Convention Delegate Selection Bill: All Republicans Senators Voted for SB274: Greg Brower, Patricia Farley, Pete Goicoechea, Donald Gustavson, Scott Hammond, Joseph Hardy, Becky Harris, Ben Kieckhefer, Mark Lipperelli, Michael Roberson, James Settelmeyer. All Democrat Senators Voted for SB274: Kelvin Atkinson, Moises Denis, Aaron Ford, David Parks, Rueben Kihuen, Mark Menendo, Tick Segerblom, Debbie Smith, Pat Spearman, Joyce Woodhouse. If you support so-called "Delegate Limitation" Legislation for all intents and purposes you are supporting a Constitutional Convention.

     AJR7 the companion Article V Constitutional Convention of the States application was stopped by the Republican Assembly Caucus when no vote was taken. All Assembly Democrats opposed it as well.

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