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Nevada Governor and State Legislature Bought by Adelson

I was horrified by outcome of the recent Special Session of the Nevada Legislature. The Legislature approved a tax increase nearly as much as the 2015 tax which was the largest tax increase ever passed in Nevada. The sick part of all of this is that "Republicans" are supposed to be against increasing taxes. We have a Republican Governor and a Republican controlled State Senate and Assembly. As far as I am concerned we would have been better off if the Democrats had controlled the Legislature. The largest tax increase in Nevada history would never have passed because the majority of Republicans would have opposed it. AND the Stadium tax increase would not have passed either. In addition, the special session would never have been called.

 Late Thursday night Oct. 13 when the session was nearly over the startling revelation was made that if the Stadium to house the Oakland Raiders was built it would require $900 million from the State Transportation budget to build new roads and freeway interchanges for the Stadium. So, wherever you live you will be taxed to pay for the new roads for the Stadium. AND they only told the Legislature about the roads after the information broke in the media! The Dept. of Transportation said they have the $900 million budgeted but that is over a 10 year period. They don't have the money now, but it will be needed now...so what does that mean? Your roads in your county will be delayed for how long?...ten years or more so the taxpayers can pay for the roads for the Stadium. Astonishing!

The Tax imposed by the Legislature will increase the room tax in Las Vegas so because it will hit tourists, I guess that's supposed to be OK. The room tax right now is 12%! They will be increasing it by .88% for the stadium and .5% for the new convention center, that's 1.38%, so it will be over 13%. It will mean an increase for the average room of $1.50 per night. Now where might that $1.50 per night been spent if it were not otherwise being sucked up by government? Perhaps to a Nevada waitress or cabby in tips, or to a local business...And if you were a tourist perhaps you would say...I'm not coming back because of the excessive room tax.

But the most outlandish part of this whole deal is that IF the economy goes down and there isn't enough money from the room tax, the taxpayers will be on the hook to pay the $750 Million general obligation bond which is for 30 YEARS! By then the stadium will probably be obsolete and torn down. The vast majority of studies indicate that taxpayer subsidized stadiums have a small or negligible impact on the economy, but this isn't about the economy or jobs or even the public...it's about lining the pockets of the Crony Capitalists...particularly Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who through his "generous" political contributions will trickle down some dough to those who voted for the Stadium...convenient way to buy a state Legislature. 

The cost of the Stadium is $1.9 billion and the Convention Center $1.4 Billion totaling $3.3 Billion. We must add to that the cost of increased police, of course the roads, and the interest on the bonds. The taxpayers are responsible for $750 Million in revenue bonds. The Raiders and the NFL are supposed to pick up $500 million and Sheldon Adelson of the Las Vegas Sands Casino Corporation is investing $650 million which will be paid back...the taxpayers will not be paid back. 

Who is Sheldon Adelson?

Sheldon Adelson, according to "Forbes" magazine, is worth $31.8 BILLION and is listed as the fourteenth richest person in the world and the richest person in the state of Nevada. He recently bought the largest newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review Journal. He has been exceedingly active as a Republican political donor for years. So we see that the richest person in Nevada just succeeded in getting the Republican controlled Legislature to vote for a huge tax increase which will increase his own personal fortune and create a legacy for him.  

Adelson and his companies donated $200,000 to Legislative races and that was just before the Primary. It is sure that figure will greatly increase before the November election, now that the Special Session is over. He's donated $336,900 to Sandoval and his political action committees. What other "considerations" the Governor and Legislature received we do not know. 

In 2014 Sheldon Adelson tried to buy the Independent American Party. He wanted us to give our nomination for Governor to one of his sycophants. We refused! But Republicans of all stripes have received money from Adelson and his Sands Corporation. And then there's the Democrats. Why in the world any Democrat would vote for a Sheldon Adelson project I have no idea, but I suspect that Democrats have also been beneficiaries of Adelson's political money. Many more Democrats voted against this huge tax increase than Republicans. However, they are well aware that Adelson gives lots of money to their Republican opponents.  

Who Voted for ADELSON and the STADIUM?

First of all we know that Republican Governor Sandoval called the Special Session and signed the bills which passed. He was the biggest promoter of the Stadium and hence the tax increase. 

SENATORS VOTING YES on SB1 which requires the Clark County Commission to increase the room tax to finance the Stadium were Republicans: Patricia Farley, Scott Hammond, Joseph Hardy, Becky Harris, Jesse Haw (appointed to replace Greg Brower), Ben Kieckhefer, Mark Lipparelli, Michael Roberson, James Settelmeyer. Democrats: Kelvin Atkinson, Moises Denis, Aaron Ford, Mark Manendo, David Parks, Pat Spearman, Joyce Woodhouse. 

SENATORS VOTING NO on SB1 Republicans: Pete Goicoechea, Donald Gustavson, and 

Democrats: Ruben Kihuen, Julia Ratti (appointed to replace Debbie Smith), Tick Segerblom. 

All Senators voted YES on AB1 which allows the Clark County Commission to impose a Sales Tax increase of one tenth of one percent specifically to increase police in the "resort corridor", some 25 miles square, needed for the Stadium.

With Just One more NO vote in the Assembly this Boondoogle could have been stopped.

The needed 28 votes and got 28 votes. 

ASSEMBLYMEN VOTING YES on SB1 to raise the room tax were Republicans: Paul Anderson, Derek Armstrong, Domenic Brunetti (appointed to replace Pat Hickey), Jill Dickman, Victoria Dooling, Chris Edwards, John Ellison, Michele Fiore, David Gardner, John Hambrick, Brent Jones, Randy Kirner, John Moore, P.K. O'Neill, Victoria Seaman, Stephen Silberkraus, Kyle Stephens (appointed to replace Erv Nelson), Lynn Stewart, Glenn Trowbridge, Jim Wheeler, Melissa Woodbury. 

Democrats: Irene Bustamante Adams, Richard Carrillo, Edgar Flores, Harvey Munford, James Ohrenschall, Ellen Spiegel, Tyrone Thompson.  

ASSEMBLYMEN VOTING NO on SB1 Republicans: Ira Hansen, James Oscarson, Shelly Shelton, Robin Titus. Democrats: Elliot Anderson, Nelson Araujo, Teresa Benitez-Thompson, Maggie Carlton, Olivia Diaz, Amber Joiner, Dina Neal, Michael Sprinkle, Heidi Swank. 

All Assemblymen voted YES on AB1 which allows an increase in the sales tax for police except the following Republicans VOTED NO AB1: Ira Hansen, Shelly Shelton, Robin Titus. Democrats: Maggie Carlton, Olivia Diaz, Stephanie Smith (appointed to replace Marilyn Kirkpatrick).  

It is important to note that this is one of three Special Sessions called by Governor Sandoval to promote Crony Capitalism projects for the big corporations, first Tesla, then the Chinese Billionaire's electric car company, and now Sheldon Adelson's Stadium. This has nothing to do with Free-Enterprise. Sandoval and the Republicans have passed tax increases on small businesses and given tax funding and tax breaks to the Big Corporations...that's called fascism! 

State Agencies recently sent their budget requests to Sandoval for the upcoming two year cycle for $8.2 Billion which includes a 5% cut on what they wanted. That is $800 Million MORE than the current spending levels. What do you think that means? It means taxes are going up again. This time it should be easier for Republicans and Democrats because they have had so much practice voting for higher taxes lately!

I celebrate the few brave Legislators who had the courage and principles to vote NO on Adelson's Stadium. The Stadium will be a monument to the avarice (an unreasonably strong desire to obtain and keep money) and greed of our elected officials 

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