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Nevada Legislature begins February 6, 2017

With a Democrat controlled Senate and Assembly it’s going to be Scary!

It appears that as of this last election, Nevada has become a satellite of California’s left coast. We will need to be extraordinarily vigilant during the Legislature if we are to preserve liberties. We are preparing now to conduct Citizen Lobbyist Workshops to teach you how to be an effective Citizen Lobbyist from your own home. We plan to hold Workshops in Carson City, Elko, Las Vegas, Pahrump, Reno, and Winnemucca. We need to hear from you if you are interested in attending in a particular city.


Already over 500 BDR’s

There are already over 500 BDR’s (Bill Draft Requests) listed on the Nevada Legislative site. BDR’s give only a single sentence identifying what the bill will be…so it is a guessing game what the contents of the bill will be. Many BDR’s say for example, “Makes certain changes relating to education,” or “Makes various changes relating to elections,” or Revises provisions relating to firearms.” So we have to read them when they are introduced to know what is in them. That’s why last session we had more than 500 bills on our tracking list with over 1,000 total bills. We had to read at least the Legislative Digest of each bill to know whether or not we needed to track it.


There are some BDR’s which are more specific.  Here’s a sample.  Renames the McCarran International Airport the Harry Reid International Airport” Oh NO!. “Lowers the minimum gambling age in Nevada.” “Removes the Offices of Treasurer and Controller from the Constitution and consolidates those Offices into the Executive Dept.”  This means you won’t get to vote for State Treasurer or Controller.  


BDR’s with “Revises provisions relating to governmental administration” usually have to do with taxes, and similarly “Revises provisions relating to business license fees” usually increase fees. There are a couple of good bills by Conservatives which may not even get a hearing in this Democrat Legislature, “Revises provisions governing reciprocity of permits from concealed weapons” by Assemblywoman Titus and “Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to limit certain changes to the commerce tax unless voters approve,” by Assemblyman Ellison, which limits increases, “Repeals the Commerce Tax” by Assemblyman Hansen.


We also have the progressive agenda in such BDR’s as “Recognize the second Monday in October as Indigenous People’s Day.” Of course we no longer celebrate George Washington’s Birthday. The founders of American culture are politically incorrect.


We will also have a slew of left wing agenda items like “Revises provisions governing sex education in the public schools” which will be the Planned Parenthood bill.  “Revises provisions governing end of life care” which may be the euthanasia bill. And one more time, “The Equal Rights Amendment” which gives us more rights for homosexuals, abortion on demand for all nine months, same sex bathrooms, drafting of women, eliminating mothers and grandmothers Social Security based on their husbands earnings, and much more of the leftist anti-family agenda.


There are many BDR’s on critical issues like water. The State Water Engineer is trying, in conjunction with the Legislature, to take water rights from home owners who have wells and force meters on their wells.


Many of the bills that have been introduced to date are by numerous State Agencies, the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, the Courts, Counties, and Cities, and Interim Legislative Committees instead of individual Legislators. The deadline for introduction of bills is March 20th for Legislators and March 27th for Legislative Committees.


Plan Now to attend one of our Citizen Lobbyist Workshop and be an effective citizen lobbyist from home!

President Elect Trump and the Economy

We were all so relieved that Hillary Clinton did not win the election. The Leftist controlled media and pollsters not only tried to deceive us but they deceived themselves.  Their credibility should be zero at this point. But, we must consider that we have had eight years of America destroying policies by Obama, decades of economic debasement caused by international trade agreements (NAFTA, GATT, WTO, etc) and destruction of our currency for 100 years by the private Federal Reserve Bank. The official government debt is over $20 Trillion, but the real debt, if you include unfunded mandates like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and government pensions, is really $200 Trillion.  It’s really unfathomable! The reality is it cannot be paid back.  So where does that leave us?


“President-elect Trump is going to be inheriting the worst fiscal situation of any president… other than President Truman … as judged by the debt relative to the economy.”

(The Washington Post)


Food Stamps are the Bread Lines of Today…

Hiding from General View the Devastation Caused by the Great Recession


In Nevada since 2000 the number of people on food stamps has increase 641%. This is far more than in any other state! Wyoming has increased the least at 54.9%.  The other states all fall in between.  However, the closest one to Nevada is Delaware with a 433.5% increase. Why has Nevada far outstripped the other states?


According to Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge, “There are some states where there was very weak population growth during this time period, but food stamp usage increased considerably. In these areas, we are led to conclude that the economy worsened. For example In Nevada during the 2000-2015 period, the population increased 44 percent, but food stamp usage increased 641 percent. In other words, food stamp usage increased 14 times more than population. By contrast, in North Dakota, food-stamp usage increased by less than five times as much as population.” 


“From 2000-2015, all states experienced at least some population growth, except Michigan. Not surprisingly, Nevada, which experienced the highest rate of population growth, also experienced the highest rate of food stamp growth. However, Nevada's growth in food stamps was much higher than we'd expect, given the food-stamp growth rates in other states.”


“The reasons for a state having an especially large growth rate in food stamps can include any number of things. However, many of the states that were found to have dropping median incomes over this period also show up as having higher-than-expected growth in food stamps. This is especially noticeable with Wisconsin and Nevada. Also included in this group are Florida and Michigan, while Pennsylvania and Ohio are both slightly above the trend line. 


“And, it may also not be a coincidence that Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, and Ohio were all states that flipped in the electoral college from Obama to Trump in the 2016 election. Indeed, as Yahoo News reported, black voters in Milwaukee, many of whom are suffering economically, may have been an important factor in Hillary Clinton's defeat in Wisconsin.”


Nevada Food Stamp/SNAP Data

Total population: 2,890,845, Total Children: 668,555. Median Income: $52,431.

Total people living in poverty: 418,243. Poverty Rate: 14.7%.

Number of Households that are food insecure: 160,892.

Average Monthly participation (individuals) in SNAP (Food Stamp Programs in Nevada) 420,413.

Average monthly benefit per person: $120.04

Federal Funding for SNAP/Food Stamp Program: $605,592,527


There are many other food programs including: WIC—Women, Infants and Children $52,186,048

Child and Adult Care Food program: $8,784,079      Emergency Food Assistance: $2,996,102

Commodity Supplement program: $2,193,009          School Breakfast Program, 90,469 students: $28,098,806

School free lunch 212,256 students: $95,343,722    Summer Nutrition Program, 17,298 children: $1,647,428

Ever wonder why our taxes are so high? And why we are no longer a free people?

The Road to Global Collapse

By Egon von Greyerz:  “Few people realize the coming bargains in all asset markets within the next five years or so. Stocks, bonds and property will then be able to be purchased at fractions of the current prices. I discussed in last week’s KWN interview how I expect stocks and property to possibly decline as much as 90%. Most people will consider this as sensational speculation and impossible, but similar falls have happened in history. And at no previous time in history has there been a credit bubble and of a magnitude that the world is facing today. Previously, individual countries have experienced depressions, often preceded by hyperinflation. But never before has every single industrialized country had a century of exponential growth of credit, asset prices and inflation which is likely to lead to a global collapse…”


“It is of course impossible to time the end of a 100-year super cycle bubble. It has already gone on for much longer than many of us thought was possible. But governments, central banks as well as commercial banks have succeeded in pumping endless amounts of money into the system to keep the Ponzi scheme going. Most people do not understand what is happening to their money. They believe that their dollar, pound or euro is worth the same as it was 10 years ago, or 25 years ago.”

“Since the creation of the Fed (Private Federal Reserve Bank) in the US in 1913, all major currencies have declined in value by 97-99%. This means that savings have been destroyed by the same amount. Savings are essential for an economy to grow soundly. Savings are the basis of investments for growth in all areas of the economy, whether it is manufacturing, housing or infrastructure. To achieve real growth, there must be savings. The growth that the world has experienced in the last few decades, especially since 1971 when the gold backing of the dollar was abolished, has been based on a massive debt expansion. Credit creation leads to currency debasement and in real terms virtually no growth is achieved. This is why real median wages for ordinary workers are not growing in many countries, like the USA or UK.” 


“Trump will continue the tradition of his predecessors and expand US debt by at least 9% annually but probably a lot more since he has promised major infrastructure spending. On top of that, he will most likely encounter a major economic downturn combined with problems in the financial system. This is very likely going to lead to money printing of astronomical proportions and hyperinflation.” Read more:

Build the Wall: It will Save Americans Trillions of Dollars

By Frosty Wooldridge

       Each year, illegal Mexican migrant workers send $24,000,000,000.00 (billion) back to Mexico in cash transfers. American employers paid them under the table and off the books with fraudulent identification. They never paid taxes, FICA or Social Security on that money.  Their employers wrangled financial murder for the past 40 years. (Source: Annual cash transfers to Mexico,

       While illegal alien workers transfer THAT much money annually, all legal and illegal immigrants account for $120,000,000,000.00 (billion) sent back to Mexico, South America, Africa and Asia.  In other words, immigrants from all countries bleed America financially to death. (Source: Worldwide cash transfers out of America,

       At the same time, Mexico smuggles $50 billion annually of drugs into America across a non-guarded, non-existent border. I’ve traveled the 1,952 mile Mexican-American border three times to witness that it allows anyone at any time to enter the USA in thousands of unguarded locations. (Source:

       Cash transfers and the drug trade fund and fill the bank accounts of the highest Mexican officials.  It’s their second highest revenue stream outside of oil.

       Worse, all American officials from Congressional Representatives to Senators KNOW it’s been going on for 40 years.  Many of them benefit from it; that’s why you don’t ever see them speaking up like Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) spoke 15 years ago and suffered the scourge of Congress and presidents. They’re the ones that got us into this mess along with their career corrupt colleagues. Given our $20,000,000,000,000.00 (trillion) debt, the wall appears to be a sound fiscal project. It would pay for itself inside of a year.

       A wall-impregnable fence system would stop 500,000 illegal aliens from violating our borders annually.  A wall-impregnable fence system would stop them. (Source:, Dr. Steve Camarata, “500,000 illegals cross border annually”) It would also stop illegal alien costs across 15 federal agencies for education, medical care, food stamps, etc. at $113,000,000.00 (billion) annually. (, Costs of illegal immigration.)

       We American citizens grow sick and tired of helping everyone else in the world while we do all the work and suffer all the debt.  We’re sick of being abused by our own presidents and Congress.

We are scheduling Citizen Lobby Workshops for January and February.

Las Vegas: Friday, Jan. 27, 6:30, at Herbally Grounded Decatur & Charleston

Pahrump: Saturday, Jan. 28, noon, 3370 S. Hwy 160 Suite 7 Pahrump

Carson City: Saturday, February 4, 10am Capital Christian Center


Citizen Lobby Workshops are also being scheduled in Reno, Elko & Winnemucca.

Partial list Co-Sponsors: Nevada Families for Freedom, Independent American Party, Chuck Muth President-- Citizens Outreach, Nevada Firearms Coalition, Nye County Republican Central Committee, Private Well Owners CoOp of Nye County, Stillwater Firearms Association, Tom Tabor--Silver Sage PAC, Nevada Right to Life, Elko Constitution Study Group, Charleston Neighborhood Preservation, Conservative Talk Lunch. 


Freedom Calendars Make Great Patriotic Christmas Gifts

Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” KJV Leviticus 25:10


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